Dig Race Street Battle! McLaren Vs 2014 R35 GT-R!

YouTube`s That Racing Channel pits some of the fastest and fiercest cars against each other to see who deserves to hold the title of victor. Sometimes it`s a 2015 Mustang against a Camaro of the same year, and other times it`s two Vipers going at it. In this battle of the best, the 2012 McLaren MP4-13C faces off against a 2014 R35 GT-R, equipped with AMS Race FMIC intakes and 4″ ETS titanium exhaust.

Round 1 – a dig race from a dead stop, immediately showed the amazing power of the GT-R – while the McLaren took off a little faster than the GT-R, the sleek silver R35 easily pulled ahead of its bright orange competition. You can just hear that 2014 R35 GT-R purr as its automatic transmission shifts smoothly through the gears.

Round 2 – the GT-R takes a hit from 50mph – It feels like a bit of a rough start, but it`s a great demonstration of the sheer power of the GT-R. It leaves the McLaren in the dust without really trying.

Round 3 – a clean start for the 2014 R35 GT-R shows the silver beast pulling away from the McLaren without any sort of actual effort. This is where those smooth shifting transmissions come in handy, purring as it leaves the orange sports car behind easily.
It really doesn`t seem terribly fair to pit the heavily modded R35 against the stock McLaren, but it`s a great demonstration of the sheer power that can be added without changing much more than the intakes and exhausts, injectors and by adding a race intercooler. There`s a lot of power in that sexy silver package and it would be great to see it pitted against something that could actually give it a run for its money! Or pit that McLaren against a stock GT-R to see how they really match up!

As a side note, does anyone else want some more information about exactly what mods they`ve got under the hood on that GT-R? That engine purr was phenomenal!

Scott Huntinton is a writer for Off The Throttle in Harrisburg, PA. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington