MIGHTY MINI ATV With Ice Chains & Floating TIRES!

Ever since we were kids, we wanted little toy cars. Those who had them were the popular kids in the neighborhood. Although we grow up, it is good not to let the kid inside of you to grow up. Sometimes you go back in time and do some things that you used to do, only now in some different, more sophisticated way. What matter is that it makes you feel like you felt back then. This video is about a toy car. But not an ordinary toy car. It is modified, with custom parts. This mini ATV has FLOATING TIRES and ICE CHAINS.

The floating tires allow this toy car to move both in water and on dry land, in this case ice and snow. It is so powerful that makes the ice crack (!), even though it is light, mainly due to the tires. There are no obstacles for this little all-terrain vehicle. It is so stable which makes it almost impossible to flip over, while climbing and descending. The environment and this mini ATV make you think like you are watching a new sequel of the popular “Home Alone” franchise. Take a look.

However, this here is a list of VERY small cars!