CRAZY DRAG RACE: Corvette ZR-1 vs Supercharged & Sprayed Willy’s JEEP LSx! That Supercharged Jeep Is INCREDIBLE!

CRAZY DRAG RACE: Corvette ZR-1 vs Willy`s Jeep LSx! This thing is Supercharged & Sprayed, with a 4.8L and 750HP +! No doors, no roof and no seat belts on this Jeep! You would think that a supercharged Jeep would be the perfect vehicle to use seat belts in! That is not the case with this guy however, as the only thing he wants to do is RACE! So, the first race is between these two vehicles. However, later on in the video we are treated with several more races including the other vehicles featured in the video! It is a word of a Honda CBR 600 as well as Porsche Cayman R. Anyway, the first set of races takes place on the highway at night, and in this section the Jeep is without spray. Here, it has better start than the ZR1, but later on, the Vette catches up and wins, which is not the case with the Cayman. The next day, spray is added to the Jeep and this gimmick makes Willys the utmost competitor!

We love videos where cars you would never consider for racing are customized to the point where they are insanely fast! Such is the case with this LSx Willy`s supercharged Jeep! Adding nitrous to a Jeep apparently does WONDERS! It can even use the 4WD with it! Maybe that is the secret behind the incredible start this beast has in every race! Nonetheless, Willy`s Jeep proved too much for every challenger that stood in its way!  Would you drive this beast? Feel free to share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think! If you ask us, we would hop in that supercharged Jeep and ride off into the sunset!

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At last, follow this link to watch this incredible 750 horsepower Willys Jeep!