ICE BURNING Or An Illusion?! Double NO! It’s Burning Methane!

Here comes something different again! As the winter sports are the theme at this time of the year, here is how the elderly people (in western Norway) are playing sports. You are probably expecting to see a ski race or a ski jump record or probably a hilarious ski accident but no! You will be entertained by an elder man who is trying out his new burning methane experiment. No, he is not trying to burn the lake, he is just trying to make some coffee. In a funny experimental way though.

OK, so let us introduce you a bit with what he is actually doing. More precisely, he is trying to burn methane accumulated under the ice. The gas is produced by bacteria degradation of organic matter at the bottom, and the invisible gas seems white due to the light scattering of the ice.

It is word of a chemical reaction that you should be familiar with before trying this experiment. Anyway, it is a great experiment but next time he should use a lighter to make his burning methane easier. Now watch the video to get a better insight of what is going on, on that lake!

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