Drifting is always at the very spearhead of the interest of all car aficionados, regardless of their personal preferences, and what type of cars they favor. Starting from the classic Detroit muscles, through the jaw-dropping hypercars, all the way to the specially customized and specialized drift cars, we all want to see our favorite beasts on four wheels showing off its power and speed, and performing all kinds of stunts. And very often, at the very top of those stunts is of course, drifting. Or drift fails, who knows?

That is why we are all vigorously watching numerous and various drift-driving video clips all the time, have our heroes in some of the biggest names of drifting like Ken Block, Daigo Saito, Tanner Foust, and many others, and finally, all of us have tried to do it on our own, at least once.

But, as we also know it well, drifting stunts can also have totally opposite effects and epilogs, when we have inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. In most cases, these guys end up looking funny and ridiculous, and usually become part of these types of videos – best drifting fails!

And because it is also healthy to entertain ourselves watching funny videos, today we have decided to show you the following clip, with some of the best drift fails from this year and from all over the world, and have a few good laughs. So check it out and enjoy watching it!

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