How Easy It Is To KIDNAP Kids With a Car Like BUMBLEBEE Camaro?

We know that our audience is mainly consisted of great and caring parents! However, you can never be too careful when living in times like these! We teach are children from very young not to talk to strangers, NEVER to get in a car they do not know and kids usually follow these instructions! The question is – DO THEY? Apparently not when there is a BUMBLEBEE Camaro in the game.

Did you ever test them? Joey Salads made a great social experiment showing how easy it is to get children in a stranger`s car, especially if it`s fancy and beautiful!

The experiment was made with parents` approval and the video will show you their reactions! The car that was used in the experiment was the Chevrolet Bumblebee Camaro, just like the one used in the movie Transformers! So, the experiment can start!

There are cameras in the car, cameras showing the parents` reaction and off they go! It`s ours to say that not every kid in this video acted the same. Although, most of them just jumped into the Bumblebee and enjoyed the ride. This time the ride was enjoyable, but the next one might not be.

Parents, keep an eye on your kids, and you might just show them this video, it might be educating!

To learn more about the whole history behind Bumblebee and Camaro, follow this link!