Hyundai i30 3-door Review! Long in the Front, Short in the Back with Beautifully Carved Lines and Smooth Exterior Design!

hyundai i30 3-door side


Produced in Hyundai`s Czech Factory!

Hyundai has certainly made its mind to be one of the constituent parts of the European automotive industry. With the new i30 generation, it is highly possible that it will be a successful attempt. The firstborn in their generation will be the 3-door i30 which will be followed by a five-door model and a wagon model. Produced in Hyundai`s Czech factory this model is proof of Hyundai`s determination to stir up the things on the automobile market in Europe.

Exterior -- Long Doors Give the Car Somehow more Sporty Appearance!

Long in the front, short in the back with beautifully carved lines and smooth exterior design. If you compare Hyundai 3-door i30 which with the 5-door model you will see that they are not much alike as far as external appearance is concerned. Hyundai 3-door i30 has longer doors which are 170mm longer than its five-door sibling. These long doors give the car somehow more sporty appearance, but they also have some functional traits, such as providing easier access to the front seats. But that`s not all! The New 3-door i30 Generation door model is more spacious than the 5-door model. 3-door i30 offers 38mm more hip room, but has 21mm les shoulder room than its five-door sibling. And last, but not the least, this car offers sixteen- inch alloy wheels, besides the regular seventeen inch alloy wheels. Having in mind that Hyundai likes to take care of its customers, it offers a full 5 year Triple Care.

hyundai i30 3-door rear

Spacious buzz-free interior!

As far as dimensions of the interior are in question, here is what you get if you choose Hyundai three door i30:

--          for rear passengers: better access to the rear seats due to the massive reduced height of the central tunnel from 133mm to 54mm

--          for those who seat in the front: 14mm more shoulder room than the previous i30 model, 11mm more legroom, 30mm more headroom

The dimensions of the new 3-door i30 Generation have been increased so that more sitting space and luggage room can be obtained.

Performance- You can choose from Six Engines!

Yes, you have read correct! You get to choose from six engines three of which are gasoline engines (1.4-liter 100hp, 1.6-liter 130hp, 1.6-liter GDi 135hp) and the other three are diesel ones(1.4-liter 90hp, 1.6-liter 110hp, 1.6-liter 128hp).

Let`s take a look at the best gasoline engine! Even though this is a gasoline based engine, it is quite economic. This engine enables i30 to reach speed of 100km/h in 9.9 seconds. This is a GDI “Gamma” gasoline engine and here are its accomplishments expressed in numbers:

--          1.591 cc unit produces 135ps at 6.300rpm

--          164 Nm of torque at 4.850 rpm

--          consumption of 5.7l/100km

--          consumption with Blue Drive Package included is 5.0l/100km

Next we have the “best buy” diesel engine. Here are its accomplishments:

--           1.582cc engine enables the car to reach speed of 100km/h in under 11.5 seconds

--          185 km/h top speed

--          110 ps at 4.000 rpm

--          260Nm from 1 900 rpm

--          consumption of 4.0 l/100km

--          consumption with Blue Drive Package included is 3.71l/100km

General notice:

--          each model is equipped with 6-speed transmission

hyundai i30 3-door front side

Safety -- The Maximum 5 star rating in Euro NCAP`s!

Maybe you already know, but it is always good to remind you that Hyundai considers safety as an item of utmost importance. Therefore, this car producer does its best to provide passengers with the latest most technically advanced active and passive safety gadgets. Active safety gadgets include: Electronic Stability Program, Vehicle Stability Management, emergency Brake Assist System, Emergency Stop Signal, Hill Assist Control and Anti-lock Braking System. Passive safety gear provides maximum rigidity and ultra high tensile steel components. 6 airbags and front side, dull length and standard front curtains are safety gadgets that come as a package in every New Generation i30. The 5 door model won the maximum 5 star rating in Euro NCAP`s impact assessment programme that shows Hyundai`s devotion to stat of the art safety.

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