How to make your muscle car look better

So, you finally made this big financial decision, making your dream come true, and your wife finally accepted the fact that there is no way around of you buying your dream car? You want to make sure your wife knows that the car you bought was a good idea, so you must make muscle car look better. Were going to tell you how!

How to make your muscle car look better 2

Fresh coat of paint!

There is no way round it, getting your car a paint job is the only way, or is it? Back in the day the only option was to paint your car, but now, you can wrap it as well. There are clear advantages one over the other, but most people will stick to an old school paint job but that`s very expensive and it can take weeks to get the job done.

Before buying the car, you should have emptied your schedule, classic cars take up a LOT of time.  If you have a lot of free time, you can save a lot of money by prepping the car for paint yourself. Easiest way is to use a mechanical tool to remove the clear coat and the paint, but if that`s not possible, then sanding your car down by hand.

We highly discourage you from doing that, that`s a lot of back breaking labour waiting for you. It is said, the finish of the paint, all comes down to the preparation of the car for the paint. More time you put into it, the better the outcome in the end.

Lovely leather interior

Depending on your find, some interiors can last a lifetime, if they have been taken care of properly. Most of the time we can worryingly say that it`s not the case for every car. Not everybody has time or passion for their cars to take care of them properly.

If your interion needs attention, there are products you can buy to fill in the small gaps where the leader has dried out. You can buy paint specifically for leather, an air brush is needed most of the time for this method. But like all things, sometimes it`s too late for repair. Then they need to be retrimmed completely with fresh leather.

Steering wheels

Steering wheels are often overlooked by people.  This part of the car you involved every time you get in the car. It deserves just as much attention as you give to other parts of the car. We recommend you take care of the steering wheel, just as you`re taking care of the seats.

You can use the same products, like leather conditioner to keep the wheel from drying out. Steering wheel restoration cost can be daunting, this is very labour-intensive process. It takes a lot of skill and valuable materials are being used bringing them back for new life in the vehicle.

Crusty old wheels.

Everybody loves the chrome finished muscle car wheels, but your alloys, might not be in the good condition you have imagined driving around with. Sadly, this part you must leave it to the professionals. Refurbishing your wheels needs a lot of specialised machines, so this DIY project is out the window.

Look for a local garage that specialises in restoring alloys. They will repair, dip the alloys in chrome and they will come out brand new. Don`t forget to slap on fresh new rubber on them too, and maybe write some big brand name on with white marker.