DIY: Hammer Restoration Project! From Old to New!

If you are a person who enjoys watching satisfying videos, this is the one for you. Restoring old tools has been a common YouTube activity these days. But this hammer restoration is something special. The final product looks insanely good. He starts of the hammer restoration with taking the hammer apart. He then heats up the hammer on a fire until the hammer is bright red. He does this so he can shape the hammer back in its original shape by smithing. This process does not seem easy, it requires a lot of time and precision.

The next step is grinding the hammer until it is smooth and shiny. He does this with precision and marks carefully every millimeter that should be grinded so that every side of the hammer is completely the same. He even engraves his logo on the hammer which looks super cool. The next step is making the handle. He carves the handle completely from scratch i.e. from a plank of wood. After that the hammer is put together thus finishing the whole hammer restoration. At the end of the video the hammer is tested. What do you think, do you enjoy watching these type of videos?

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