Here we go with another interesting and appealing drag battle video clip, thanks to our favorite Gearheads, who always finds new ways to raise our interest and sense of suspension and thrill, the Street Outlaws! This time we have one pretty cool Willys Army Jeep, drag racing one of the most famous Detroit muscles, the legendary Ford Mustang GT!

When someone mentions a drag race that has a boosted Ford Mustang GT in the focus, I bet that many of you, just like us, are usually `placing` another powerful Detroit muscle or some fast import, up against it. However, this time we have a little bit different opponent for the famous pony, and it comes in the name of the well known Willys Jeep.

But this Army Jeep is not a regular model, but it is powered by an LSX motor, which makes it a pretty decent competitor. And because I do not want to give away too much, I will only tell you that the Willys Jeep does not have a good launching, but very fast, it recovers and makes the race interesting.

So just check out the video below and find out the outcome of this drag battle yourself. And of course, have a good time watching it! For those of you who want to see another interesting video clip that will entertain you, click here.