1960 Chevrolet C10 Pro Street! Cold Start Music For Your Ears!

1960 Chevrolet C10 Pro Street! Cold Start Music For Your Ears!

1960 Chevrolet C10 Pro Street 2

This beastly truck is maybe the best proof that you can build anything you want. Obviously this guy was in love in this truck model and he wanted to go fast too. The result is this insane custom made Chevrolet C10 who maybe looks more like a show truck, but it can make some seriously fast drag strip passes. You can not see very often this kind of an old school piece of American classic towing truck blasting down the street.

Take a look all the body parts of this truck and especially the level of attention to details and that perfect gun metal paint job. If you look it from certain angles, you can say it looks like this thing has two engines due to the chromed firewall.

Check out how this amazing  Chevy C10 Pro-Street drag truck is fired up producing a raw demonic sound both from the engine and the exhaust. Actually this thing sounds as good as it look and it’s a real head turner.

Driving it trough the traffic with his roaring engine would be an amazing experience, so imagine just how many people will turn their head to check this beast… However, we want to know more details about the car. Have you seen this ride before?

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