Crazy Drag Run From The San Antonio Raceway! This Racing Chevy Truck From The 50s Will Blow Your Mind!

We just can`t get enough of awesome modified vehicles that are specially made to destroy on the drag track. The beauty of these vehicles is that they don`t look intimidating at all. They look like beat up old school trucks, where in reality, they can surprise even the mightiest of drag muscle cars. That`s what we have in the video below and we are more than happy to share it with you guys. It`s a classic racing Chevy truck that dates from the 50`s. However, it is modified to such a powerful extent that will simply blow your mind and leave you jaw-dropped.

Yeah folks, we have the perfect example of a sleeper car here. The truck is made by one particular gearhead named Trent Wilson. However, we are very sorry to say that there is no information about the car`s specification in this video. So, for the time being, we can`t really say what is in this bad boy. We also don`t know the time it ran on the track. Nevertheless, we can see what this insane racing Chevy truck can do. The launch it performs and the soundtrack this engine produces is incredible. So, bump up those speakers and enjoy the ride.

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