How Does A Complete Car Renovation Process Work?

Every car renovation process is a long and exhausting one. There are so many things to know and to pay attention to while doing so and this is what makes it so complex. If you are new in this business you understand the struggles that you might come across. Luckily, we have some of the best advice and great explanations and in matter of minutes you will learn all of the tricks and trades in the business.

car renovation process 1

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First and foremost, before the whole car renovation process starts, you have to do a thorough cleaning of the car. Get rid of all the dirt and find a suitable place to work. Remember, this process is going to take a lot of time. Remove the battery and completely empty the fuel tank. Only now you can start taking the car apart.

Next, as mentioned above, you will start taking apart every little piece from it, like the chrome and trim pieces. Start removing the interior such as the seats, the carpet, as well as the doors. Always remember to take pictures of your progress.

From now on your car will stop looking like a, well, a car. Take off the doors and the hood, the engine and the transmission until finally you can remove the body. Make sure to store all of the pieces and parts neatly and well-organized. Working in a mess is the worst!

Now, all you are going to be left with is the chassis. From now on the car renovation process can proceed. Start working on some of the most complicated parts, such as the engine and transmission. It is going to take a lot of time so be patient.

After finishing them you can start working on the body. Get rid of the rust and be as thorough as you can get. It is one of the most important steps. Prepare the body parts for painting.

Next comes the painting process. If you have the right equipment you can do it on your own but if you do not, no worries since there are many workshops where you can do the same.

Make sure to choose the best color for your car and now you can start painting it. Cover it with couple of layers of paint and finally finish everything off with a nice layer of lacquer. This is going to keep the color from fading away.

Then you are going to start working on the interior. Reupholster the seats, put in some new carpet and work on the dash board. Start putting everything back and piece by piece you are going to see how the car of your dreams takes shape.

However, no car renovation process can be complete without a nice chrome plating on every part that needs it so do not forget about them! Install everything back and voila, your car is finally complete and ready to be tested on the streets. There is nothing better than looking at your car in action after so much effort and time has been put into it!