Great Tutorial! How to Install Racing Seats!

We all love speed and fast beasts, but when it come to racing, safety takes the ultimate priority. In order to be fully prepared for a thrilling experience on the track, racing seats are a must. They would not be called racing if they are not meant for that. Therefore, you must check out this great tutorial on how to install racing seats (aftermarket) in your car. In this video, Chris Fix helps us save some money in our pockets and learn something new and useful.

For this one, Chris Fix installs bucket racing seats in his car in order to get better side support on the body, better safety and also a better comfort on the road and on the track as well. Everything you need when installing racing seats is covered in this video, from using side mount brackets and floor mounting brackets to how to route the seat-belt and much more… As Chris announced on his YouTube channel he will test those seats at a racing event and several days on the street. As soon we get the updates we will inform you. Until then, learn how to install racing seats in your vehicle!

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