How To Replace Muffler Bearings!

When you think of crucial parts of your car, you probably don`t consider the needed amount of muffler maintenance needed in order for it to function properly. Apparently, muffler bearings are little things that change the sound of your car, help your muffler stay strong for years to come and are an all around blessing. So why haven`t we heard about them before? Well, that might be because they`re not real! ” Muffler bearings ” is a made up term that will do literally nothing for your car, whether you do put them in or not.

replace Muffler bearings Maintenance Chris Fix 22

This video is a great joke in that regard. Chris Fix tells the audience to spray their exhaust pipe and see where it`s leaking, then cut it in half and replace “a muffler bearing”. Some high-end muffler maintenance right there, right? Wrong, you`re just going to end up with a cut in your exhaust pipe.

Also, near the end of the video he tells people to fill up on their blinker fluid and always make sure to switch out the damp and cold winter air for fresh and light summer air in the summer. I wonder if someone believed this, but either way, April fools!

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