Muffler Explosion On A Twin Turbo Camaro During The Rocky Mountain Race Week!

The Rocky Mountain event is the most extreme test for both machine and man. It`s also the ultimate test when it comes to the human spirit. All competitors are tested physically, mentally and mechanically as well. It includes running both on the highway and the dragstrip. RMRW features seven days of five travel/race days and two travel only days. It`s a very exciting event that we are more than excited to follow. We spotted one very nice twin turbo Camaro at this event. It had a bit of a rough start that ended in a muffler explosion. However, it was all great for this Camaro since then.

When the exhaust was fixed after the muffler explosion, this twin turbo Camaro managed to deliver some consistent 7`s. At the end of the day, that`s what RMRW is all about. Something brakes and you need to possess the ability to overcome that problem quickly. The muffler exploded because of an electrical issue. After it was fixed, it reached 189.82 mph max speed. Having said that, this ZL1 is absolutely no joke and is flying on the dragstrip. Shout out to 1320video for providing such a good insight in a great car once again. Watch the video below, pump up your speakers and enjoy the performance this incredible twin turbo Camaro delivers.

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