Now This Is One Monstrous Engine! Witness The Power of This Ludicrous 1300HP CHEVELLE Twin Turbo!

No matter where we go, cars play a huge role. To own a vehicle is considered by almost everyone a crucial element of existence in today`s world. Whether for economic necessity or pleasure, most of us will feel the need to be the proud owner of a car at some point. Having said that, it`s no wonder at all that some people have made their cars into real artwork. Is there any better way to prove your appreciation and love for your car than enhancing it with care and love? The guy in the video below has done exactly that. Creating one staggering 1300HP Chevelle twin turbo monster!

The guys from the YouTube channel “1320video” just couldn`t help themselves to find out more about this Chevelle twin turbo at the Drag Week 16`. We really can`t blame them. There is not a gearhead in the world that would`ve missed those enormous turbos extending from the hood. This car was obviously built by a gearhead mad scientist with vast capabilities and racing enthusiasm. Watching the video, we just can`t get enough of this car`s performance. It`s putting some great times on the drag track. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Finally, click here to watch the start up of one crazy 468 Big Block Chevy engine start up with insane exhaust!