HEAT SENSITIVE COLOR Changing Paint! It Turns A Harley Davidson’s Exhaust Pipes Into A Real ARTWORK!

Harley`s are awesome to begin with. However, what you are about to see takes it to an entirely different level. We are talking about heat sensitive color changing paint. Basically, when the temperature increases, the paint ceases to be visible revealing what`s underneath. When the temperature decreases, the paint is visible again. In this footage uploaded by the YouTube channel Thermox Global, you can see it before your eyes. In this case, the magical paint is applied to the Harley Davidson`s exhaust pipes. You will be totally mesmerized by its sorcerous capabilities. This biker sure has a lot of passion.

The biker designed an image on the outside of the exhaust pipes. The image is a beautifully done skull-patterned artwork. When that certain temperature is reached, the surface of the exhaust pipes becomes translucent thus revealing the alluring skull-pattern hiding underneath. We don`t know the exact temperature that needs to be reached for the paint to become translucent though. Usually is 86 degrees but it varies depending on the paint. You`ll see real magic happening when the bike starts revving. The black pipes slowly reveal the amazing design. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. So what do you think, is the heat sensitive color changing paint worth the money?

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