Frank Soldridge’s Mustang On The REAR WHEELS At 196 MPH!

The world of drag radial racing delivers some of the most incredible vehicles that you can possibly imagine. It includes blasting down the drag strip, trying to attain every last advantage while putting on an utter show while doing it on the rear wheels. It definitely gives racing fans more than the money they paid. This video by Free Life Films will definitely give you the urge to get out, and buy a ticket for a drag radial racing. The driver behind this spectacle is the one and only – Frank Soldridge! For his performances he uses one monstrous Ford Mustang. Frank and his Stang are an unstoppable duo.

Drag Radial Racing mustang 7

In this video, you`ll see one of Frank`s best performances ever. With his Mustang, he goes pedal to the metal at 196mph, crossing the finish line on the rear wheels! The insane Ford Mustang is powered by a twin-turbo big block Chevy engine tuned to the very edge. This probably translates into thousands of horses!

Frank manages to tame this beast like a master. You can notice how he is operating the throttle and completely controlling the situation. This is not something you can see very often. So, click on the video below, get your ultimate adrenaline rush and tell us what you think!

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