The Coolest VW BUS On Earth? Equipped With A Big Block 468 Chevy Boat Engine & NITROUS!

In the world of custom made vehicles which are beefed up and more than ready to race, you rarely see a bus on the scene. We have yet another video provided by 1320Video that is worth sharing. It`s a video about the coolest VW bus we have encountered. Just wait and see what this beasty bus hides behind its back doors. It looks like a sleeper that is going to get everyone fooled. However, behind its secret doors it hides many cubic inches and most probably sounds like a monster. This bus is 100% creativity and ingenuity. That`s the kind of vehicles we like the most.

This guy managed to turn this old vehicle from a hippy van to the ultimate racing competitor. It mustn`t be underestimated on the drag track because this van is powered by a huge 468 Chevy BB engine. It is also fully equipped with Nitrous. That is far from all because this beast also has a massive boat engine fitted inside! When the guys from 1320video asks the owner of the van where he found the engine, he simply answers – in a boat! This guy also uses this fantastic van as his daily driver. So it`s not only for car shows. Check out the coolest VW Bus on earth in the video below!

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