Shawn Baca’s NITROUS EXPLODES On His 2168HP Cummins! Dyno Failure!

We`ve shared a lot of Dyno carnage videos with you guys. However, this one really separates itself. Why you may ask? Well, this here Cummins has 2168HP under the hood!! We are not kidding! Some of you may have heard of the Shawn Baka. You may also know that he has other videos of Dyno Failure.

Dyno Failure Shawn Baca Nitrous explosion 2

But none of those videos come even remotely close to this one! This Cummins, on top of those 2168HP, has a shot of nitrous as well! Crazy stuff! This dyno failure happened on the Edge Dyno Event at the Northwest Dyno Circuit!

Shawn Baca, and one of the most powerful Cummins we have ever seen! So powerful, that it has blown its top off on multiple occasions! Yeah, we are talking about some insane power inside that just waits to be unleashed and wreak havoc! This type of incidents are bound to happen though. When you pack so much insane power and have nitrous on top of it, an incident on the dyno is expected. We are sure Shawn Baca is also prepared for such occasions. The people around the Cummins are not really surprised of the dyno failure. They are very well used to it! Enjoy the video!

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