Hot Wheels 1968 Custom Ford Mustang by Redline Restoration!

Hot Wheels 1968 Custom Ford Mustang! Check out this amazing Redline Restoration of this beautiful dark red 1968 Custom Ford Mustang. Good job  I never thought of restoring this kind of scale model cars but it is really fascinating. I love how this guy restore them! I would only suggest to consult some good finishers in order to learn how your paint job technique could be improved.

Maybe you should start with sanding the metal, then paint the body with an airbrush,  then you should fill all the small dents with a white fill stick… At the end results will be even more fascinating. I wonder from where does he get the wheels and interior?

My father bought me hundreds of scale cars in the 80’s and I smashed them all…  I’m pretty sure most of them would be valuable today.

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