Giant Hot Wheels Track Got Tested By REAL-LIFE Racing Cars!

A team of two crazy drivers and mad scientists are preparing themselves for a historical challenge inspired by the dream of every child who has crisscrossed the living room of their parents with Hot Wheels race tracks which is racing on a full-scale double loop track. The giant Hot Wheels track is going to be introduced at the perfect place for such things which is the Summer X-Games that are being held in Los Angeles. The drivers that will take this very ambitious challenge are Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust. These guys will race each other on a 60-foot loop which is made after the Double Dare Hot Wheels toy. It’s worth mentioning that this is the first time someone attempted to mount two racing cars on a loop that is vertical at once.

This is a stunt and a race in one. The drivers will race two cars that are purpose-built at 52 miles per hour down separate tracks. These separate tracks eventually merge into one gigantic loop. They will face up to 7 G`s. This is a fighter pilot level of gravitational force. At the end of the loop the racing drivers will perform a massive jump. Now, if someone is qualified for this immense feat, it`s these two drivers. Foust has 3 Gold Medals at the X-Games and 2 Formula Drift titles under his belt. Tracy on the other hand is a professional daredevil driver involved in both television and movies. Check out the insane giant Hot Wheels track in the video below!

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