Is This For Real? 5 BATMOBILES United Together! Check This VIDEO & Photo Gallery!

Over the past years the “Batmobile” has been the subject of many rumors. Batman 1st  appeared in May, 1939 in “Detective Comics”  but the first true “Batmobile” didn`t appear for the next 2 years, afterwards it became the “Dark Knight`s” best known weapon. The movie company Warner Bros has shot a feature segment for the film “Dark Knight Rises” available on Blu-Ray, so they gathered all Five “Batmobiles” from the television and movies history. Much to our pleasure, we have a video and a photo gallery for you guys to see all the Batmobiles that were united together for the first time! These are the 5 Batmobiles that are gathered in one place:

  1. Adam West Batmobile from the Batman: The Movie 1966 and TV series
  2. Michael Keaton Batmobile  from Batman 1989 and Batman Returns 1992
  3. Val Kilmer Batmobile  from Batman Forever 1995
  4. George Clooney Batmobile from Batman and Robin 1997
  5. Christian Bale Batmobile  from Batman Begins 2005, The Dark Knight 2008, The Dark Knight Rises 2012

They are definitely a treat for the eyes! To make things even better, there is even a Batmobile historian in the video!

Watch the Video and Choose Your Favorite Batmobile:

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