The Police Disguise Themselves As Construction Workers To Bust All The TEXTING Drivers!

When you are in a vehicle, you must drive safely. Not only for your life, but for your family and everyone surrounding you as well. Every life matters. However, not every driver is respectful. Some drivers are avoiding some simple rules such talking on the phone and, driving and texting. Distracted driving is one of the main reasons for thousands of casualties in car accidents annually in the world. To not put down your smartphone while driving is very selfish indeed. So, for this reason, the police force in Marietta, Georgia has come up with an awesome idea on how to bust distracted drivers. The police disguise themselves as construction workers!

Most drivers take no attention to the road crew working Cobb County`s roads. Well, this crew is not radioing survey readings, but busting distracted drivers. Ingenious police disguise idea right? This way, they have been able to put officers in the roads and get close enough to the cars. Close enough for the police officers to see what distracted drivers are doing on their phones. In some cases, they can even see what people are texting. This is huge for the police because making good distracted driving cases has been tough. However, now many drivers are being busted while sitting on a light! Check out the video below and remember, texting and driving is wrong!

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