Learn How To PAINT Your BRAKE CALIPERS The Best, Fastest & Easiest Way Possible! GREAT IDEA Chris Fix!

We always tend to keep our ride neat and clean! Whenever we see something we don`t like about it, we fix it! Otherwise the problem (aesthetic or not) will bother us all the time while driving! So, a problem we often come up against with are the rusty calipers, don`t you agree? They are OK, they work just fine, but the looks, they are no good! Now here`s a video that will show you how to fix that in no time while having amazing results at the same time! We`re going to briefly go through the process of how to paint your brake calipers and then let you enjoy this video! ChrisFix also explains different ways on how to paint your brake calipers! Different people have different goals. For someone the priority is rust prevention for some aesthetics! Whatever your goal is, in this video there is something for everyone!

First of all you have to prepare it, after which you are going to spray it with high temperature spray paint which you can find in any for $5 tops! Take an old box or something to get a nice platform where you will put the caliper on. Use a garbage bag to cover all of the other stuff because you don`t want 2000 degrees high temperature spray over them! Next thing on your list is alcohol, a metal brush and sand paper! You may not need the sand paper, it all goes down on how rusted your calipers are. Go over it with your brush while taking care of the rubbers on the break line and pistons! After using the alcohol wait a bit for it to evaporate and then start with spray painting! Check out the next steps in the how to paint your brake calipers video, have fun and learn at the same time!

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