Highway Star For SEMA Is The Hybrid To Top All Hybrids!

Whenever someone mentions a car hybrid, the first thing that pops into our minds is an electric and petrol-powered car. And yes, this is true for many people but not for these guys. The guys that created the Highway Star, a car for the SEMA show. This hybrid has nothing to do with electric powertrain. Namely, the Highway Star is the perfect blend between the Viper, Challenger and Hellcat. To make it clearer for you we will explain things from ground zero.  

highway star perfect hybrid 1

As you already know, the corona virus pandemic was the reason to cancel nearly every big car event worldwide. However, this did not stop SEMA as it was announced that the show will take place sometime in early November. Besides all of the crazy cars that will feature in this year`s SEMA, the Highway Star seems most promising. Whenever people modify a car, they change some aspects on it. However, the guys from Hemi Autoworks and Ellsworth Racing went a step further and decided to put several cars into one. 

highway star perfect hybrid 2

The idea behind the name was borrowed from a Deep Purple song from 1972. The frame of the car is from a Dodge Viper. In order to make the chassis compatible with the body from a 1970 Challenger it had to be stretched by 13 inches (33 centimetres). The body is also widened by 1.5 inches (3.8 centimetres) with the help of beefier fenders. However, this is not the final form of the Highway Star. The car will also undergo other significant changes too. 

highway star perfect hybrid 3

Also, more room needs to be made for the heart of the car, the mighty engine. And the engine is not just any engine. No, we are talking about the 6.2-litre HEMI V8 Hellcat engine which is supercharged by Kong Performance. There are also heat shielding spacers from El Interchillers. All of this power is going to be channeled through a Mantic Clutch triple disk billet flywheel. Just imagine how crazy this machine is going to be! There are other Viper elements to the Highway Star too, such as suspension, coilovers and brakes. Also, the car will have gorgeous 19-inch wheels with some very flat tires.  

highway star perfect hybrid 4

As far as the interior, there is not going to be anything special. The designers believe that less is more. Of course, the Highway Star is going to feature a full roll cage and a dashboard with Stewart Warner gauges. There is no air conditioning, however, there will be heat and noise insulation. Other companies are involved in this project too, such as Pareto Point Inc, Ron Francis Wiring and Racing Shields. All of these companies have significant role into the creation of this beast. The least we can do now is wait and see the final product. Thus said, November might seem a long time from now, however, we all know that the wait is going to be worth it. The car is going to be street legal too, so you might see it around your neighborhood one day! 

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