Leah Pritchett’s Dodge Hellcat vs Sleeper RX7!

There have been some absolutely stunning professional drivers over the years, but only few women have managed to carve its way out towards the glory. Hereby, if the name Leah Pritchett does not ring a bell to you, then you must take a look at this video and see what this professional driver is really capable off and how her powerful Hellcat handles on the track. For those of you who do not know, she is competing and racing in the Papa John`s Top Fuel Dragster over these past couple of years. As soon as the racing season is over, the preparations for the next one take place. This time Leah’s Hellcat meets a sleeper RX7.

Leah Pritchetts Dodge Hellcat vs Sleeper RX7 2

However, Lean found some free time in her busy schedule to take her mighty and powerful Hellcat for a fun ride against other competitors. Nonetheless, she surely proves that even though Leah has awesome time there, she is also a very experienced driver who knows what is doing. Hereby, the furious 707 HP Dodge Hellcat is seen racing on the asphalt against a sleeper RX7.

Both of the drivers are spending some quality time on the HOONIGAN DT and in this video that lasts for about 22 minutes, the entire action and all you need to see is perfectly captured. The race indeed looks absolutely beautiful and if you want to see more amazing footage make sure to check out the full video.

We simply cannot wait to see Leah Pritchett on the tracks for the next season, don`t you?