Yes! Just as the title says! Here is a truly impressive example of Ford F250 truck that will put a smile on the face of all those Ford truck aficionados out there, who are always hungry to see great and impressive specimens. And this 1973 Ford F250 3208 Caterpillar diesel that you are going to see in the video below, has all the qualities and features to satisfy the needs, even to the most picky ones.

That is because a Ford is a Ford, and when it is a diesel, it is even better, and no Chevy or GMC truck can ever replace it (I`m referring to Ford fans, of course). And the owner of this `73 Ford F250 has really done a great job (the video was initially made for sale purposes), changing a few things on it, like mounting a `78 model front grill, and a few others.

Powered by a 3208 CAT diesel motor, mated to an automatic transmission, and equipped with power assisted brakes, this 42-year old truck is very impressive and Ford Tough.

Just watch the video and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to learn more about the Ford F trucks, go to this link.