We`ve seen many cool projects in our time. And we got to say, this one definitely ranks up pretty high. The enthusiasm brought into this project is extremely high, and nothing can be more satisfying in the gearhead world than bringing your own build into fruition. So, we got to give mad props to these gearheads hear in this video for working on such a cool Glass ENGINE Head.

Glass ENGINE Head 2

This cool build has 17 parts, the video below is the 12th part, but don`t forget to all 17. It`s a very interesting project because you will be able to see some combustion water vapor and many other awesome things as these guys are working on their glass head Briggs Engine.

In the 17th part of this project, you can see its first test run. We got to say, we are extremely interested in seeing this baby run in a car. These guys just have to keep in mind that glass can expand a bit when heated. This may cause the engine to crack. They can maybe use a rubber grommet, this way the head screws can absorb the pressure. Another thing they can use is a brass flywheel.

How cool would that be?! We can`t wait to see more from this glass head Briggs engine, so stay with Muscle Car Zone, we will keep you informed. Enjoy the video!

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