Giant Shopping Car(t) Powered By The V8 Big Block Engine Cruising The Streets! WAIT WHAT?

Boy, oh boy! Excuse us, but are still hanging in there with our jaws dropped, after we saw what we just saw! We are in this thing for a long time, and after long we can say that we are ABSOLUTELY STUNNED! We have seen all kinds of people`s home-made inventions. Prosthetic arms, rockets, Iron Man suits, Batmobiles and so on. But never have we seen such an amazing and giant shopping cart! Drop the “t” and you get shopping car – still, you are right! This giant shopping cart is motorized, and with a pretty cool engine making it a solid highway vehicle.

If only the chassis weren`t so light, this giant shopping cart could even break records on the drag strip. However, this wacky machine is top class from top to bottom. The wheels spinning down there carry some nasty shiny rims. We honestly do not have any information on the setup this engine has. We only judge it by the fact it is street legal – at least we hope so! If some of you know something more about it, please tell. In the meantime, enjoy this creation which will grasp your attention in no time.

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