ZERO Motorcycles – Global Leader in Electric Motorcycle Technology!

There has been a massive progress and advancement in the vehicle technology these days mostly due to the fact the market is filled with manufacturing companies and each one wants to be better than its rival. One major breakthrough that was crucial in this area is surely the one that enabled vehicles to be powered and driven by electricity without polluting the environment. Even though we have previously seen so amazing electric motorcycles, we present you the future of these bikes and they are called the Zero Series.

The Future Of Electric Motorcycles Is Here 2

Zero Motorcycles has just announced and revealed their latest engineering wonders what are going to be available to the public by 2018. The price is going to remain the same as the ones made in 2017. However there are going to be couple of things that are going to be improved. First of all, these electric motorcycles are going to be charged much faster and it will take approximately just one hour. This is going to be able all thanks to the 6kW Tank accessory that is going to be used in all of their bikes.

Moreover these bikes are going to be improved in their range as well. For the ones equipped with ZF7.2 and ZF7.4 power pack are going to be able to travel for whooping 10% further than its predecessors, somewhere at approximately 223 miles. They are also going to be much, much faster so you can enjoy in their speed as well. What do you think about these awesome electric motorcycles? For more info check out these guys out Fat Tires Bikes.

Lastly, check Zero Motorcycles’ official website for more information.