Meet eGroov – All Terrain Electric Scooter With AWD System! Perfect For Short Distances!

Not even scooters are immune to the global “going green“ phenomenon. This means that most vehicles emit less gas and the air pollution is minimized. Electric vehicles have gained a lot of popularity in recent years mainly because of this phenomenon. Nonetheless, it is great that people are getting aware of the effects of air pollution and are actively working to fix this issue! The video we have for you today shows us an all terrain electric scooter that doesn`t emit any gas in the atmosphere!

The name of this scooter is eGroov, and it looks incredible! It is the first AWD electric scooter and it is designed only using premium existing parts. In addition to the all-wheel drive system, it has a battery range of up to 24 miles, and a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour! This makes the eGroov a perfect transportation device for short distances!

To ensure driving comfort, it is fitted with an adjustable handlebar. The minimum distance is 40 inches, while the maximum is 47 inches, giving you quite enough space to adjust the handlebar just the way you like it! On top of all this, the eGroov+ is modular, giving you options on what to fit on your all terrain electric scooter! From top cases, to baby seats, you can make a choice for what you think suits you best! Running out of energy is not a big problem, because charging the batteries of the eGroov is easy.

You can charge them by plugging the eGroov directly into a wall socket or take out the batteries and charge them anywhere you please! To sum it all up, this all-terrain electric scooter is perfect for short distances. If you are not a fan of walking, or you think that driving a car to your destination might be a bit too much, then eGroov is what you need!

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