Tesla Kids Model S Car! The Perfect Toy For Every Kid Out There!

The vehicle you are about to see is not a mutation of a Tesla car having its steering wheel outside the roof. In fact, it is a word of the Tesla Model S for kids! Like the regular-sized Tesla Model S, the kids` version is available with various battery sizes. This Tesla kids car is the dream toy for every child and definitely the perfect recreational tool for your kid. The Tesla kids car is for children between the age of three and eight. And in comes in three colors: blue, red and “midnight silver metallic.”

It is powered by a Flightspeed lithium ion battery that offers your child more playtime than any other toy car! Also, this battery type is charged just like the full-sized Model S and the time needed is three times faster than the lead-acid batteries! This toy car is comes with two speed settings as well. You can set it to go 3 mph and 6 mph too.The Tesla kids car has a lot of realistic details taken from the highway model.

Working headlights are included in this Tesla kids car. Its interior is pretty spacious and comfortable for every kid. It has a trunk at the front of the car and it even includes a sound system with an auxiliary cord input. A lot of extras can be bought for this tiny Tesla kids car. Some of the extras are: personalized license plates, even more powerful batteries, and a Tesla branded car cover is available too.
But, when it comes to miniature kids cars we just got to mention the very stylish Arrow. It is even more exciting than the Tesla itself. The Arrow even consists of very powerful safety features like geo fencing and collision avoidance. It`s also worth mentioning that the Arrow is twice as fast. So Tesla, at last, you made a Model S that won`t be able to win every drag race.

Finally, if you want to see the Tesla Model S anime version in Japan, follow this link!