Custom Cadillac Baby Stroller! Engage Them Young To Muscle Cars! Idea For The Most Caring Fathers!

If you have ever thought about presents for your kids, this video will make your day better! This might just be the BEST THING EVER! This Custom Cadillac Baby Stroller won 1st place in the “Open Car Class” on the “Muscle Car Show” in Plano, TX. It is fully equipped, it has lights under the car, air-ride and it even spits fire out of the tailpipes! They should offer them In kindergarten in a history class… This is by far the most AWESOME and CUTEST thing seen by the public eye so far!!! This is a great example of parenthood as this father should win the “Best Dad In The World” award, if one was to exist! Teaching your baby from young age to be a Muscle Car fan is what we all tend to do with our kids, isn’t that right?!

However, this FATHER designed a COOL STROLLER for his infant that looks like a CUSTOM CADILLAC!!! This little fella is the HOT SHOT now as he cruises down the street in his shiny brand new Cadi! Look the little boy`s face, he thinks he is driving!!! Good luck, kiddo!!! We can only imagine what his father will do when this little kid can legally drive! Whatever it may be, we are absolutely certain that it will be really great! Although it might not be the best idea to have this Cadillac baby stroller equipped with fire, we must admit it still looks jaw dropping! We are sure that if this ever hits the market, it will be a huge hit! Witness the greatness of this Cadillac baby stroller right here! Smash that play button and relax, because this is the best thing you will see all day!!!

Finally, click here to see this street performer masked as a baby in a stroller! It’s kinda creepy to be frank…

Enjoy the video below!

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