OFFICIAL SATAN’S CAR: Fire Breathing 46.0L V12 BMW Brutus Will Scare Even the Bravest Men!

OFFICIAL SATAN‘S CAR: Fire Breathing 46.0-L V12 BMW Brutus Will Scare Even the Bravest Men! Yes, that is the headline of this article. Satan`s car is in Germany and it looks amazing from what we can see! It is actually a pretty crazy story. Right after WW1, some Germans decided they were going to build a unique racecar using a motor that was inside of airplanes!

However, not everything went as smooth as you think. The engineers had much trouble while building the V12 BMW Brutus! The engine was HUGE and could not really fit the chassis. So, finding a chassis that would be good for this airplane motor was a bit tricky. Anyway, an American LaFrance car from 1908 was the answer to all the problems!
The car now belongs to Auto & Technik museum. The V12 BMW Brutus, produces up to 500 horsepower at somewhat 1.500 RPM, the Museum says! Other sources even claim that it can reach 750 horsepower like that! But let`s stick to the Museum facts and rate this V12 BMW Brutus at 500 hp!

Finally, if you want to see how dangerous racing was in the 30’s, follow this link!

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