The World Smallest V12 Engine – Only 45 cm3 (2.7 cu)!

Can there be anything in this world that can amaze us anymore? Has the human kind passed every obstacle? Yes, we have truly seen it all. But wait! There is still something to it. Check out this magnificent motor. It is the World`s smallest V12 Engine and it is AMAZING!

This is the work of a real handcraft master. Anyone who knows even a little bit about engineering knows that this could easily be considered as ART! The handcraft master is called Yesus Wilder. Name rimes or could be Jesus and it might not be just a coincidence. Kidding, of course. Anyway, what`s fascinating Wilder`s smallest V12 engine is the fact that the guy only used three types of material for it! Can you imagine that? He only used aluminum, bronze and steel! How do you make the smallest V12 engine in the World with nothing but those three materials? Skills and devotion – that`s how!

Seriously, what Yesus Wilder did is truly spectacular. The video below is pretty long – 10 minutes but it consists the whole process of making the smallest V12 engine in the world! 10 minutes is nothing if we tell you that Wilder spent 1220 hours which equals 50 days to make this motor!
What makes this engine amazing and arty is the fact that there is no ignition system! Nor fuel either! Thus, this is not the combustion engine if you are looking for one! The smallest V12 engine in the World runs on air! On air Ladies and Gentleman!

As a cherry on top, comes the background music in this video. Odd and grandiose. If you do not get it, turn on the video and spend the best quality minutes in your lives!

The World Smallest V12 Engine! It Runs Smooth Like A Swiss Watch!

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