The Devil’s Beast Is Here! Streetworks Hot Rods Owner Matt Backhaus’ Amazing HOT ROD! Check It Out!

It`s all about passion! If you have it, along with will and strength to keep up, you will come up with amazing things! The only thing is not to give up your dreams and always finish the projects you have started! That sure was Matt Backhaus` motto, the owner of Streetworks Hot Rods when him and his employees were working on this amazing HOT ROD which they named THE DEVIL`S BEAST!

After being asked why he chose that name for his hot rod, he simply quoted the revelations: -- Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath! Maybe Iron Maiden was the inspiration, who knows. And after seeing this amazing hot rod, it finally became clearer how come the name! That`s when he stepped into the custom car and got the Hoosier tires spinning.

Which is when we got to take a close look at the interior of this hot rod, which is surprisingly clean and neat! Later on we heard from one of Matt`s guys from the shop who told us that they started with a 2 feet higher vehicle after they destroyed two of Backhaus` drag cars to put this one together! They say that `the boss` said: This is way too cool and we have to finish it! They had to sit around too many Saturdays but they enjoyed every bit of it knowing that the final result would be awesome!

They made a perfect combination of rear dragster vehicles that are chubby for instance, while the front wheels are the 60`s thin drag models! It is the combination of new and old, which is what makes it so cool! What`s even better and is considered as best reward for the mechanics are the people`s reactions to it! Literally everyone loves it, do not be the exemption!

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