A CUSTOM CLASSIC CAMARO by James Corsby at 2015 SEMA!

Even though some of us would not admit it, but it is a fact of the matter that we all want a car that will bear a mark, or an imprint, of our personality, something that is totally unique and original, and which no other has it. Which is why we are customizing them. All cars! The classic and the modern American muscles, as well as most of the imports that we love and admire… However, this Custom Classic Camaro shines bright!

And of course, everyone has its own vision, his criteria of what that customization would be like, and just how far you would go in changing the vehicle from its original, stock looks. If you ask me, when it comes to the vintage Detroit muscles, I definitely like the subtle touch of modernism in its design, along with the state of the art technology that transforms that classic American muscle car into a 21st century beast, ready for all the challenges. But for me, it is very important to maintain the original appearance, and not to stray away from the original way too much.

The following example of Custom Classic Camaro, that was built by James Crosby Designs, pretty much sums up everything of the above mentioned. Many of the original features were kept (like the classic stop lights), but there were numerous other components that were added to the car, transformed and changed, and made it look quite special.

So just have a look at the video below and see what I`m trying to tell you! And if you want to see the top ten best looking vintage Detroit muscles from this year`s SEMA, go to this link.