SATAN’S RAT-ROD! Insane Bagged 1931 Ford Rat Rod! THIS AIN’T NO HYBRID!

Check Out This SATAN`S RAT-ROD! INSANE BAGGED 1931 FORD! And of course, it ain`t no hybrid! In case you didn’t know, this ferocious Rat Rod has a name – Gretchen! Pretty cool name for the Satan`s car, isn`t it? The engine that sets this car in motion is 60+ years old and it comes from a Diamond-Reo tractor. It delivers a staggering 1640 pound-feet of torque! Now that`s quality! More than half a century old engine still gives this amount of power. Simply astonishing! On the other hand, this Rat Rod may look ugly (it would have been weird if it didn`t) but there is a great deal of effort invested its creation! The body is from 1931 Ford and the chassis is from the City of Hollywood! All in all, the whole melange makes it perfect! Driving around in this 1931 Ford rat rod will certainly grasp the attention of many people!

Each week, Mike Musto goes around the United States with the goal of showcasing the best muscle cars and hot rods around. In this video, he stumbles upon the bagged 1931 Ford rat rod! As he puts it, to some people rat rods are rolling boxes cobbled together from scrap metal and baling wire. However, if you look a bit closer, oftentimes you will find that the craftsmanship and overall uniqueness is far better than many expensive cars! The owner of this remarkable piece of machinery is Henry Kessler, and he tells everything about his beautiful rat rod! It is built from a myriad of parts that come from many different vehicles, and has a 275hp engine as well. If you want to find out more about this beautiful 1931 Ford, you will have to watch the video.

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