Ford Flathead V8 Engine Rebuild Time Lapse Video!

When miles and time make it obligatory to poke around the Ford Flathead engine, substantial decisions have to be made!

Ford Flathead V8 engine Restoring Engines 11

Especially when these decisions are connected to the restoring engines art! When it comes to engines, the word “restore” is a very broad term indeed! It can mean a very small touch like a rattle can paint job to a complex and completely remanufactured big block assembly! What we have here in this video, is definitely the latter!

The most complex way of restoring engines! It`s such a magical feeling, it`s a feeling like giving a soul to someone! True sorcery in the gearhead art! That`s exactly what`s happening here, giving a second chance to a Ford Flathead V8 engine!

These guys are managing to restore engines with just slightly changings its original appearance! Even purists need to know that internal parts like piston rings and bearings will end up having modern replacements!

This is due to the fact that original old school parts are very hard to find! However, these gearheads with their art are successfully managing to add more muscle as well! Adding HP can be done without changing the engine`s appearance!

Those are tricks that are possessed only by endgame auto mechanics! Without further ado, we will let you bask upon this gearhead wizardry!

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At last, follow this link to visit the official website of Hagerty -- the team that stands behind this incredible rebuilt!