After the big announcement this June, Lexus now presents the complete video of their functional hoverboard, Lexus Slide, that looks incredibly awesome. The most interesting product demonstrates its capabilities at a specially built skate park near Barcelona and skaters try tricks similar to the classic skateboard, except that this skate never touches the ground.

The project was developed by scientists at IFW Dresden and Evico GmbH, which together with Lexus engineers needed more than a year to come up with a model that works with magnetic levitation in a specially developed hover park. The unique skate park is long 656 feet and is made of permanent magnets, which allows the hoverboard`s superconductors to hold the board off the ground. However, for this to work, the interior must be cooled to minus 386 degrees F with liquid nitrogen -- hence the smoke that comes out of the hoverboard.

Finally, find out how the Lexus Slide actually works!