Lexus LF LC Concept Will Be Available Anytime Soon!

Lexus has thought of the curious paparazzi and left them no material to take photos of. How`s that? Well, the prototype Lexus LF LC concept was recently tested in the US for the first time but under camouflage. This vehicle was wrapped with paper like a giant present! I`d like such present! Anyway, let`s take a look at this automobile performance-wise.

Prototype Lexus LF-LC 1

Prototype Lexus LF-LC 7
Word has it that the machine powering this automobile will be V8 engine with twin turbocharger capable of producing around 600 horsepower. It is also expected that this vehicle will feature a quick-shifting dual-clutch transmission as well, sending the power to the rear wheels.

Anyway, you might find more information here!

Prototype Lexus LF-LC 4