A Real Rideable HOVERBOARD! This Time It’s From LEXUS!

The past couple of years have been filled with new innovations that made people wonder WHAT`S NEXT?! The drop that spilled the glass was the presentation of the rideable HOVERBOARD!!! You remember it right? Many famous artists, actors and singers promoted it describing it as THE NEW ERA of skateboarding! The idea, however, is from “Back To the Future 2“, a movie that inspired Tony Hawk, Chad Muska and many others to start skating after seeing the Hoverboards! Hoverboard seemed to be the TOP, as if nothing could overcome it! However, LEXUS decided to spread its` activity and go for it!

No one actually knows why LEXUS decided to create HOVERBOARDS, but it sure tells us that they see future in them! These, however, look really rideable, since people had their doubts for the lastly presented ones! Lexus has once again proved, that you get success after collecting the PROGRESSIVE TRINITY – imagination, design and technology! After seeing this, we cannot but wonder, what is mankind going to do next? Because it was once again proved that nothing is the limit!!! Watch out “OLD” (couple of months old) Hoverboard, LEXUS IS HERE and it`s not planning on leaving!

At last, did you know that the first real rideable Hoverboard will have a debut on 21st October! Click here to get more information!