Hello again from lovely Geneva! We sure are enjoying this magnificent Motor Show as we cannot take our eyes off of the great models we are able to see! Anyway, let`s talk a little about this LEXUS LF C2 concept standing in front of us! This Lexus is an evolved convertible successor of the Lexus R350 Coupe. We can say it is a subcompact vehicle and unfortunately, we are most likely not going to be able of seeing such car in the US as Lexus clearly stated it has no intention of offering such models in any of the local showrooms.

The Lexus LF C2 concept is conceived here in Switzerland as a tiny and smart luxurious vehicle that represents the future that is influenced a lot by technology and virtual images! Finally, the triangular LED headlights and the magical golden yellow finish put this car in the group of masterpiece vehicles that will mark this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

To watch the interior and exterior walkaround, go below the photo gallery.