FAST & FURIOUS 8 TEASER & CLIPS! Have A Look At The Scenes That Will Mark The Next Chapter!

Believe it or not here it is. The long-awaited Furious 8 teaser that promises a lot about the future of the famous franchise Fast & Furious. Fans have been craving for more details about the new movie which will be released next year in April and finally we have the video that will satisfy the curiosity.In this footage, you can see exclusive backstage moments taken during the filming of some epic scenes that will be featured in the movie. This Furious 8 teaser reveals even more, by showing one intense car chase on the road where a powerful helicopter is included. Is the crew going to have some problems with the police?

We are about to find out. In the teaser you can also see a race boat, the new Bentley, McLaren, Mercedes -Benz models, Jaguars and lot of other stunning cars that will be driven by the Furious heroes. There is also a part of the scenes that were captured on Iceland. There, Letty is driving the Rally Fighter, Roman shows up with an Orange Lamborghini, Dom is included with his Dodge Ice Charger, while Tej backs up the team with his Ripsaw. According to this Furious 8 teaser -- something epic happens on the snowy surface.

At last, don’t miss the parts where Hania Riley Sinclair joins the set. The daughter of Vin Diesel will guide you backstage together with her father and The Rock who seems most excited about this chapter!