A F1 car versus a motorbike, versus a speeding boat! What`s it going to be? Which one is the fastest, which one will win the throne? Just so you know it`s all fair, since Honda is making all the engines. The guys from Honda took this really seriously, they`ve gathered around the very best drivers and riders in order to complete this task! Anyway, isn’t it amazing that we have a CAR vs BIKE vs BOAT race?!

Steve Curtis is the best powerboat drivers in the World. He claimed this title on a very young age of 21! At that time, he was the youngest ever World Champion. Michael Rutter on the other hand, will be representing Honda`s motorbike side! He, as we all know is the number 1 in the British motorbike Championship! He says it all depends on the start. If you mess that part up, then there is not much to hope for! We suppose you wonder who will be representing the `Car Forces`? It`s the one and only – Jenson Button, the participant with the most expensive vehicle worth $5 000 000 (FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!). So, Ladies and Gentlemen, click on the video bellow and find out the winner of today`s clash!

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