JUST REVEALED – 3 VIDEOS: The Fast & Furious 8 Behind The Scenes Videos! Meet All The CARS!

Fast And Furious 7 was a major success in the box office and it became one of the highest grossing blockbusters of all time! Due to the huge success this franchise had, we are bound to have many new installments! The world just can`t get enough of it! Thus, the brand new F8 is already in production, and we are here with new Fast and Furious 8 behind the scenes videos!

In the first Fast and Furious 8 behind the scenes video we have a peek at an awesome collection of cars! We don`t get to see any behind the scenes action in this video, but the cars will surely amaze you! The guide in this 15 minute video is Dennis McCarthy who is a vehicle coordinator for the new sequel! He says that all of these amazing cars will feature in a massive scene that will be a real automotive Valhalla!

To watch the second video, click here!