He Built It He Shred It! Guy Exploits His GC8 Impreza Through Construction Sites!

Tyler Witte bought a Subaru GC8 Impreza and modified it to the degree of it being nearly unrecognizable! He made it as lightweight as possible by removing as much as possible, so the inside is literally two seats, a steering wheel and some pedals! Also, he boosted every other part of the car so he could have the most fun with it, and for this guy fun is when you can drift all around the place with nothing in your way! For example, there are multiple shots of this Subaru doing donuts around a pole in the middle of a parking lot!

Also, Tyler got really funky with his fun! He chained his GC8 Impreza to a dozer and let the dozer spin it around as he revved it up more and more so it created really dark and consistent donuts around the dozer. Then he runs off to drive through the construction site, mastering slopes like it`s nothing and cruising around all of the equipment. That sure looks like fun and I wouldn`t mind trying it sometime! First things first, we have to acquire one of these GC8 Imprezas and shape them by soul into a drifting monster that`s going to be able to take anything!

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