If someone bears the nickname `Mad`, and he is dealing with powerful cars, and on top of all that, he is not just a regular racer but a drifter, isn`t it kind of super-understandable to have an ultra-powerful and totally insane drift monster, such as the Radbull at his disposal? If you ask me, the answer is – yes it is! And this comes as a default!

However, what we have here, in the following clip that we have prepared for you today, is not an introduction to someone who is unknown to you, but actually a guy that we all know quite well, and have seen in action more than once. It is one of our favorite pro drift-drivers from the other side of the Pacific, New Zealand`s Mad Mike Whiddett!

The video that you`ll see in just a moment is from his arrival at this year`s SEMA Show, to display his insanely awesome and powerful four rotor Mazda Miata. Mike`s crazy Radbull Miata monster is boosting twin turbos, that are producing a sound that makes you feel your neck skin crawl in the most positive way! But what else can one expect from such an insanely powerful machine that is generating more than 1 200 HP?!

So check out the video below, see this beauty yourself and find out all about it from the man himself, Mad Mike Whiddett. And if you want to see another cool video from this car, showing practically every component of it, while it is still being mounted to the car, click here.